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I like music , animals espeacelly the dogs !

I love dance , this is my favorite sport .

I love too the stars ! My favorite star is Birdy .

And I like Kate midleton .

My favorite color is Blue .

My best friend is Laurine , she is amazing .

I love kev adams too , he is beautiful men .



Bye bye see you tomorrow :)




1. wolfe  le 19-10-2012 à 18:19:58  (site)

Good evening!
Welcome to VEFBLOG!

posté le 19-10-2012 à 13:52:05

My family

We are three in my family.

My little brother Yanis , he is four years old .

My mother, she is thirty three years old .

And my father-in-lauw, he is thorty two years old .



posté le 19-10-2012 à 13:49:16

My personality


My name is Alexia and my family name is Descamps.I 13 years old and I was born the 1 january 1999, in Corbie , I live in flesselles .




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